Friday, 8 May 2009

The Start of May - and Slow Down

Well it's now May 8th, and my weight is realy slowing down, which isn't great, but I'm achieving things bit by bit, I'm finally in the 12 stone mark! wooohooo ! I finally weighed in on Monday at 12 stone 12 1/2 and a 34 3/4 inch waist (down from 41 inch at the beginning). The losses have really slowed down, this is the only problem, Tracey put me up to 810 last week, after only losing 1 3/4lbs but I lost the same this week, which isn't good...could really have lost the same on WW and I still have 3 stone to lose...I've done another 810 week this week, but after standing on the scales this morning and them moving 1/2lb UP!! I am going back down to sole source today. It is TOTM and that no doubt isn't helping, but I know these small losses are not helping me, and I really want to speed them up again. I will go back to 810 or ss+ maybe when I touch the 10 Stone 13 Mark and so have a lot less to lose at that point.

My nan worries about the 'not eating' aspect of the diet, and panics I'll end up anorexic or something silly, but I love my food, and have really enjoyed eating 810, but I really need to get to goal in the quickest way possible, my bank account cannot afford for me to take very long to get there, and if it goes on at under 2lbs a week, then I won't be able to afford to complete the Cambridge Diet, and I'm then terrified of not being able to complete the maintenance stages and putting it on - my absolute dread of this whole process. My mind is in the right place still, I just want to shift the next few stone and see the rest of the changes to get to goal.

On another shift to things, Chris's job comes up for review in September (hence the money worry) and the closer it gets the more I am beginning to worry, I wish we had money to save to put away, but we just don't, and this is more the reason, I have only one chance to get the Cambridge Diet right, and get it done, for good, and eat healthy for life. I really want him to keep his job more than anything right now but with 19,000 jobs going it's such a big big worry.

Anyway I'm going to try to upload a before and now photo (the before photo wasn't quite at my biggest, it was probably around the 16 stone ish mark)

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