Saturday, 23 May 2009

Not enjoying this week

Lost 1 3/4lbs at weigh in AGAIN this week - no inches or anything, so again another v slow loss - it seems to be the way for me at the moment, which is quite disheartening in a lot of ways.

Have also come down with a nasty throat/cold now, and Alex has Croup! Not been much fun, and have tried to avoid what I can, but have decided to have soothers just to help my throat as it feels like glass at the moment.

Other problem is my stomach has swollen up from being soo bloated, I look about 6 months pregnant! and definately not! It's looking to be a rubbish W.I. again this week - have been following SS+ but just not getting good big results at the minute and soo wish I was, I really need to get down into the 11's and then the 10's ASAP, to start the Maintenance programme's properly. I think I will stick with SS+ until I get to 11 stone now and then go up to 810 from there, and then work my way up the plans, as SS I think may be too restrictive now, and I think my body and probably my mind needs the work of the food now to start overcoming the issues involved. So as of last weeks weight, of 12 stone 7 1/2 I have to lose another 21 1/2lbs before I start going up the plans towards Maintenance...hhmmm at the rate I'm losing weight that could be another 10/11 weeks (potentially 3rd August) even though I really want to have a week of 1000 before then with my mum's anniversary in July...hhmmm Ohhh I really need this weight loss to speed up again, 2lbs a week is not good enough x

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