Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mixed Weekend

Well it's been a busy weekend for me.
Yesterday, had my pamper day with my mum, which was lovely, spent the morning using the gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc, had a small lunch out - which turned out the chicken wasn't cooked (suffered today - not good) Came back in the afternoon and had back, neck and shoulder massage, facial and hot wax eyebrows - was absolutely heaven! Really relaxed and enjoyed!
The first time me and mum have been out on our own in a long while, probably since I was pregnant with Alex!

Today, wasn't so nice - not just because of the uncooked chicken!

We did manage to find a nice spot to do Steve (uncle's) ashes, and that was ok, although weather was horrible, but just a sad day in general. Always upsets me seeing my grandparents and mum being upset, but I'm glad it's done if that makes sense.

On the plus side, I had lots of nice comments from people saying how much weight I had lost, as I haven't seen most of them for quite a while, and some since Xmas, so for some it's the full 4 1/2 stone that I've lost since seeing them. Just getting very nervous about W.I. tomorrow now.

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