Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Start of Change - 16th December 2008

Today after awaiting a reply from one of the Counsellors, I had another look through and found Tracey. After taking a few deep breaths ( I don't know why I am nervous on the phone, but I definately was) I called her. Tracey was busy so called me back a while later. She was very friendly, seemed very sympathetic and agreeable to my case. She had tried every diet going too and found that Cambridge worked really well for her. I have arranged a meeting with her on Friday at 7pm at her house not too far down the road from us...I am nervous as hell as I'm very shy at meeting people in the first instance, but I'm determined I will go...I must to become the person who inside me is craving to get out.
I feel nervous and so excited too...can I finally shift this weight?? I've got to!

The deciding day...

I went to a friend's daughter's party at the weekend and met a lady there who had taken part in Lighterlife and lost over 7 stone! Wow amazing. I want to lose around 6 1/2 -7 stone (I don't know what I weigh just yet but I know it's roughly that I want to lose in total).
As we drove home the thoughts were in my head about losing this weight and how I could achieve it.
It's from here that I started my research into the Cambridge Diet. I found out it was practically the same as Lighterlife, but with more choice/flavour and about half the price too!
I e-mailed and awaited a response from a Counsellor.