Monday, 11 May 2009

Another D -Day for scales

Well another Monday morning has arrived, and I must do my Assignment today - the motivation really isn't there today though, and it's just GOT to be now, but my mind is already set on 'THE' scales tonight. I would so love it to be 2lbs + after switching from 810 back down to Sole Source on Friday.

The strange thing is, I'm sat here watching This Morning, and on the total opposite scale to me, is a 5ft 9 girl, who is on Britains Next Top Model, and at her lightest she was 6 1/2 stone - she is now only just over 7 stone - all I can think is ouch! It's amazing that in this world, there can only be very very few people who are actually comfortable with their weight. So many of us battling to get slim, so many of us battling to get a little bigger - will there ever be a 'normal/comfortable' weight for me? Will I get to 9 stone 10, and think yes I look good now? Will people around me agree? If they do/don't will that affect me? I'm beginning to think for the next 3 stone I really do need to work on my own personal issues with my weight and everything surrounding it, and build on my confidence a lot more, so that when I do reach my personal figures, I can hopefully stop and feel happy in what I have achieved. 4 stone down so far is good, and I should feel happy, and I know some people around me are, but I can also tell some other's aren't and that affects me still, and it shouldn't because I'm getting healthy for me, for my family, and to be happy/healthy/feel confident for me and them, and not for anyone else or to be approved by anyone else....I just have to work on all this.

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