Monday, 11 May 2009

weigh in :)

Well after all my panicking this week, I managed to lose 3 1/4lbs and I'm now down to 12 stone 9 1/4lbs - and lost 1 1/4 inches off my waist, making it a 33 1/2 inch waist down from 41 inches! Pretty ok.

Plan for this week an 810 meal for tonight, SS Tues - Thurs, then 810 Friday and Saturday for the Gym workout on Saturday with the Pamper Day (looking forward to but will miss my boys) and the SS on Sunday before WI on Monday. Hoping for a 2 1/2lb week this week, taking me to just under 12 st 7 and then heading down after that to under 12 stone and into the 11's...ok one goal at a time! one week at a time!

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