Friday, 23 January 2009

half way through week 2 plus w.i.

Well it's Friday - I should have posted on here on Monday but I was so down, I lost 1lb for the whole of week 2 and felt horrible :(

Well I didn't binge or come off it at all, if anything I've been even stricter if that's possible.

Scales today are not looking that great, and don't know why :( I know if the scales show a very small loss, or even a gain or STS on Monday I will be so disheartened, and from then that will make it harder to continue on.

I really want 3lbs+ though if I had 4 or 5lbs I would be very happy, going to have to really keep at it this weekend, as every type of food is calling to me. xx

Thursday, 15 January 2009

1 1/2 Weeks in...

Well, 3 litres of water down today, had my 3 shakes, 1 fruits of the forest, 1 leek and potato and chicken and mushroom.

But tonight, for the first real time in starting the Cambridge Diet I feel mentally hungry and wish I could have a bit of baguette with butter on. It's carbs though and a definite not allowed thing, so I am here writing my blog to make sure I don't deviate at all. I really don't want to cave in and am on this journey to lose the weight because I want to be healthy and fit for me and my family. I want to feel good and be around for my son and my fiancee, I want to look good, and not be embarrassed about my weight anymore.

I am hoping for a nice loss on Monday, 4lbs would be nice, but anything 3+lbs would be good!

I know why I am doing this diet and what my focus points are, and quitting is NOT an option.xx

Monday, 12 January 2009

Yeyyyy its working!

After a hard week, lots and lots of water, shakes and soups, I had my W.I. tonight and lost 6 3/4lbs! I am one very happy girlie! xx

Sunday, 11 January 2009


for 2 reasons today

1- I have my first official W.I. tomorrow - and I am sooo scared what it's going to be, I know I have 100% stuck to it this week, and have drunk all the water etc, but from sneaking a peek at the scales at home they just aren't showing the result I would like 4+lbs off.


2- We bough a WiiFit yesterday so although I can't do as much 'full on' exercise as Chris, I'm still pulling my weight (quite literally) to try and help the scales move downwards- although I've been told that exercise can affect ketosis - I'm not too sure how, but something I definately need to keep an eye on.

Anyway it's been an O.K. few days have drunk lots of water, used my packs as I should do. The only downside is the anti-biotics I'm on and the chest infection I've had, has caused me to vomit a few times (definately not so good).

Fingers crossed for tomorrow! light thoughts please!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sweet and Sour Chicken...

That's what they all ate in front of me today -not there fault (mum, Chris etc) because they are allowed to eat, but for me it's sooo hard. I tested this morning and definately into ketosis now, which is a really good thing!

I'm not phyically hungry at all, and have made my last meal today a hot choc shake after last night's soup, because I'm just not hungry still, and in a way have to force it down me, even though if someone offered me KFC, I'm sure I could eat it...but I guess that's where my thoughts have to change, I am losing weight of my own choice, and it is my decision to abstain from food, though sometimes it just doesn't feel that way.

I am about to watch the Claire Sweeney programme about eating badly all the time, and hopefully it will help my motivation back to tip top condition. I have 11 weeks and 4 days until I can even sniff at a small meal again, and I'm detemined but know it is going to be very hard work.

My list of reasdons for losing weight:
- to be healthy for Alex and Chris and my family
- to look good, dressed or undressed
- to fit into a nice size clothes, and feel that clothes shopping is a good thing again.
- to build up my very shattered confidence
- to not go out and eat something and people be thinking, she shouldn't be eating that, she should be on the salad
- to re-train my head and everything in it that some bad food is ok on occasion, but to be healthy and feel healthy is much more important rather than see not having a jaffa cake every day as a terrible thing.
- to look good in a bikini (or at least better than now) and feel good in it too.
- to prove all the people who believe I won't do it, or wont keep it off that I can and I will.
- to be "me" once again :(

(I'll add to this when I think of any more) xx

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Day 3 Blues

not feeling hungry really, and v close to 1.5 litres of water so far, but the headaches really kicking in now...I'd love some energy back soon, as not getting much done at the moment.

Yawning as I type this and my monkey has just woken up, so no chance of a sneaky nap for me either.

Have had a strawberry shake for brekkie, and that was quite nice though think id prefer it colder - so may try ice next time.

My ear is all blocked from me blowing my nose so much with this cold, just wish it would go away and take the headaches away with it!

Bring on ketosis and the headaches going and getting some energy back??? please...x

Monday, 5 January 2009

day 2 - evening!

Well, I've been to CDC, and stocked up now on shakes, soups and a porridge too...who knows what that will be like?
On a majorrrrr positive!! since I weighed in with CDC before Xmas, I am now 3lbs lighter!! wooo and also 1 inch off my waist! Here's to plenty more of it coming off!
Had a choco mint shake for tonight, had it hot again so I'm glad I bought those ones.
Hopefully the other soups and shakes will be lovely too!
Also got shaker bottle and water flavours, so hopefully, that will keep me on the straight and narrow with my water...yum!
Fingers crossed not too long until get into ketosis now, and feel the energy surge...fingers crossed...also got my appt for w.i. next monday at 8.30 I'd love to lose 9lbs and be into the next stone bracket...pweeeeeez...or even very close to it!xx

Day 2

Well day 2 is nearly down, and I'm off to see my counsellor tonight (tracy) for some more shakes, advice etc at 8. (this is if I last that long the cold has really entailed me and I still feel like poo)
I am wondering whether or not the light headedness I'm getting including like stars in my eyes if I do anything too quickly is from the CD or something else, either way I hope it passes quickly as I'm a bit worried about it at the moment.

Today I have had choc orange - def not as nice as the choc mint, and so far this evening I've had a chicken and mushroom soup which after it being wayyy too thick yesterday, was nice today as I have thinned it out a bit more. I am so far up to almost 1.5 litres - not great but getting there slowly, and soooo can't wait til week 3 when I can have the water flavours...

No beechams or anything today, so bring on ketosis...I can't wait to hopefully feel good!

11 weeks 6 days to go on SS then AAMW and holiday yayy!!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The first day to the "new me"

...or the me hiding inside, something like that anyway!

Woke up feeling terrible, full of cold/flu, so really not in the mood to start my day 1 of cambridge, but non the less, I've started. I have had a choco mint (hot) for brekkie, although that ended up being around 12pm, shortly followed by a soup - leak and potato - which I definately wont be having again as really did taste like wallpaper paste! I have chicken and mushroom for tea, so I'm really hoping that perhaps that one will be a lot nicer.

**Choco Mint was actually quite nice though!

Apart from feeling rough from being ill, so far so good, bit worried if I can't eat them all, will I still lose, but hey, lets hope so!

12 weeks tomorrow til we go away for the week for Chris's birthday, and looking forward to it, but I just hope I have enough weight off to enjoy it, if it's true it's a stone a month, then I should have 3 stone off, but secretly I guess I'd quite like 4 off, then the other 3 when I get back.

Fingers crossed... day 1 almost down, 83 to go for SS...and already thinking about my first weigh in. xx

Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year, new me,

Well I went to Tracey's on the Friday and she was as lovely as I had expected, although I was really nervous. We talked through the Sole Source and have decided this is the best option for me. I start on Sunday 4th January!

I have been preparing since then for the diet, and have cut out crisps/chocolates/biscuits etc cut right down on any drinks and upping my water lots! which I am finding difficult!

I have one more day until I start the SS, as am now starting on the 4th January instead of the 5th. I will then have 12 weeks exactly until my break away with Chris and 12 weeks of SS and then will have a week of add a meal.

One more day of Slimfast and then the real work begins...wish me luck!! x