Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Better week/weekend

Well it's Monday again, W.I. for me tonight - my home scales don't look like I've managed the 3lbs I was reallllly hoping for this week, but then to be honest I never really know with them because if I move them even 1/2 inch different then they will change what I weigh, so I'm just going to wait for tonight, and hope for the best!

Anyway I had a really lovely weekend, spent the day at Southsea/Isle of Wight on Saturday and then went to the Cotswold's yesterday, perfect weather, Alex behaved impeccably, and really enjoyed himself, and was just lovely. To top it off, my MIL to be finally said that I was beginning to look slim! I nearly cried when she said it, because I've been waiting for sooo long for her to say it. I know it shouldn't matter because other people have said it, and I know how much I've lost so far, but I've wanted acceptance in a way from her for so long, that it was such a huge huge thing for her to say it to me. So that really made my day. The only downside to the day was that when we went to eat they had salad there which said you could ask to have it how you wanted, and with ham/tuna etc, but the tuna had mayo with it, so I asked if I could have plain tuna, but they said no, asked if I could have salad without pepper's/onions in and they said no, so ended up just glugging water until I got home and had my small 200 cal meal then plus my shake.
Must buy some extra tetras this week for possible days out - as this is why I didn't have anything with me, and to be honest if I'd have taken a bar it would have just melted anyway.

So this week before I weigh in - I can honestly say hand on heart, I have stuck to the plan 100% and started the fybregel too (until the psyillium husks come) - I have had all my water, the small meal each night, 2 bars in the end (one on saturday, one on Thursday) done lots of walking up and down hill, and weights if you include carrying Alex everywhere too! Really learned to relax and enjoy family time again too! And more than that got the compliment from MIL to be! So if the scales don't budge, although I'll be disappointed, I know I have done alllll I can do to help them go in the right direction.

- Update on this I lost 2 1/4lbs this week - not quite the 3lbs - but a better loss than only 1/2lb last week, so I'm happy, I just want the weigh to keep coming off!