Wednesday, 27 May 2009

It got worse...

Well after last weeks W.I. thinking that around the 2lb mark wasn't good enough...I only lost 1/2lb this week! Absolutely distraught with that loss as I have followed the diet to the letter, had all my water etc, so I really don't know what has gone on there!

Felt very down Monday night, but started back on Tuesday morning with renewed confidence and will power (not that I gave in Monday or cheated because I didn't, I just felt very down about it all)
So anyway, now I'm back, I took a couple of Senna tablets last night to try and clear my system on CDC's advice as haven't 'been' for at least a few days now, then I'm going to start on Fybogel but possibly looking into Psyllium Husks as they are more natural.

I've also cut right down on the bars this week. I've bought 3, but intend to only eat 2 of them this week, to see if this makes a difference to my weight loss, I ate one on Monday night, and will probably eat the other one on Thursday, although if I could eat only one this week, then that would be even better!

My aim this week (I don't usually make aims but I think I need to!) is 3lbs, I don't think that's too much to ask for, but I really think I need a big loss this week as I am working sooo hard to get the weight shifted and to lose 3lbs after only 1/2lb this week would make me feel very very happy, and would take me down to 12 stone 4, and just so much closer to being in the 11's, which for me is a huugggge goal... I really want to be in the 11's ASAP!

I only have 6 weigh in's until mum and dad's anniversary meal and if I could average a 2 1/2lb loss a week I would be happy - that would take me down to 11 stone 6...and would be great to be in the middle of the 11's and heading down towards the 10' scary to think I could even get there, as right now, the 11's and the 10's still feel soooo far away! x

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