Sunday, 11 January 2009


for 2 reasons today

1- I have my first official W.I. tomorrow - and I am sooo scared what it's going to be, I know I have 100% stuck to it this week, and have drunk all the water etc, but from sneaking a peek at the scales at home they just aren't showing the result I would like 4+lbs off.


2- We bough a WiiFit yesterday so although I can't do as much 'full on' exercise as Chris, I'm still pulling my weight (quite literally) to try and help the scales move downwards- although I've been told that exercise can affect ketosis - I'm not too sure how, but something I definately need to keep an eye on.

Anyway it's been an O.K. few days have drunk lots of water, used my packs as I should do. The only downside is the anti-biotics I'm on and the chest infection I've had, has caused me to vomit a few times (definately not so good).

Fingers crossed for tomorrow! light thoughts please!

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