Monday, 5 January 2009

Day 2

Well day 2 is nearly down, and I'm off to see my counsellor tonight (tracy) for some more shakes, advice etc at 8. (this is if I last that long the cold has really entailed me and I still feel like poo)
I am wondering whether or not the light headedness I'm getting including like stars in my eyes if I do anything too quickly is from the CD or something else, either way I hope it passes quickly as I'm a bit worried about it at the moment.

Today I have had choc orange - def not as nice as the choc mint, and so far this evening I've had a chicken and mushroom soup which after it being wayyy too thick yesterday, was nice today as I have thinned it out a bit more. I am so far up to almost 1.5 litres - not great but getting there slowly, and soooo can't wait til week 3 when I can have the water flavours...

No beechams or anything today, so bring on ketosis...I can't wait to hopefully feel good!

11 weeks 6 days to go on SS then AAMW and holiday yayy!!

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