Sunday, 4 January 2009

The first day to the "new me"

...or the me hiding inside, something like that anyway!

Woke up feeling terrible, full of cold/flu, so really not in the mood to start my day 1 of cambridge, but non the less, I've started. I have had a choco mint (hot) for brekkie, although that ended up being around 12pm, shortly followed by a soup - leak and potato - which I definately wont be having again as really did taste like wallpaper paste! I have chicken and mushroom for tea, so I'm really hoping that perhaps that one will be a lot nicer.

**Choco Mint was actually quite nice though!

Apart from feeling rough from being ill, so far so good, bit worried if I can't eat them all, will I still lose, but hey, lets hope so!

12 weeks tomorrow til we go away for the week for Chris's birthday, and looking forward to it, but I just hope I have enough weight off to enjoy it, if it's true it's a stone a month, then I should have 3 stone off, but secretly I guess I'd quite like 4 off, then the other 3 when I get back.

Fingers crossed... day 1 almost down, 83 to go for SS...and already thinking about my first weigh in. xx

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