Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year, new me,

Well I went to Tracey's on the Friday and she was as lovely as I had expected, although I was really nervous. We talked through the Sole Source and have decided this is the best option for me. I start on Sunday 4th January!

I have been preparing since then for the diet, and have cut out crisps/chocolates/biscuits etc cut right down on any drinks and upping my water lots! which I am finding difficult!

I have one more day until I start the SS, as am now starting on the 4th January instead of the 5th. I will then have 12 weeks exactly until my break away with Chris and 12 weeks of SS and then will have a week of add a meal.

One more day of Slimfast and then the real work begins...wish me luck!! x

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