Monday, 5 January 2009

day 2 - evening!

Well, I've been to CDC, and stocked up now on shakes, soups and a porridge too...who knows what that will be like?
On a majorrrrr positive!! since I weighed in with CDC before Xmas, I am now 3lbs lighter!! wooo and also 1 inch off my waist! Here's to plenty more of it coming off!
Had a choco mint shake for tonight, had it hot again so I'm glad I bought those ones.
Hopefully the other soups and shakes will be lovely too!
Also got shaker bottle and water flavours, so hopefully, that will keep me on the straight and narrow with my water...yum!
Fingers crossed not too long until get into ketosis now, and feel the energy surge...fingers crossed...also got my appt for w.i. next monday at 8.30 I'd love to lose 9lbs and be into the next stone bracket...pweeeeeez...or even very close to it!xx

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