Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Post Holiday :)

Well again, time has taken over and I haven't had much chance to update my blog, but here goes.
Well I went away on holiday and did 810 calories for a week, came back and weighed in and lost 4 3/4lbs! Very very pleased with that. It takes me down to 13 st 7 1/2. So I'm about half way there now to my BMI and then probably about another 4lbs after that to the weight I'd like to be, to be comfy at, 9 stone 10 ish - I don't remember ever seeing 9 stone something on the scales, so it would be a shock to see it one day!
10stone 1 is my aim to hit my healthy BMI and is my first and biggest aim, 3 stone 7 1/2lbs to go for that, which after having 7 stone to lose, seems a lot lot less to go now, although still a long way to go.

Have a big family gathering for a sad event, to scatter my uncle's ashes in May, and would really like to shift another stone by then, if not a bit more would be nice, just to really give that shock factor to those people that I wont have seen since Xmas when I was that SHOCKING and HORRID 17 stone! :( NEVER EVER AGAIN !

My little boy alex has Gastroenteritis at the moment, so is really poorly, and I feel really sorry for him, hoping he will improve in the next few days. (get well soon little man, mummy loves you lots and lots!! xxxx)

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