Monday, 9 March 2009

A well needed update!

Well I guess I haven't updated for a while, not all that sure why, maybe I was still updated at the weight I was, maybe I just needed to "black out" a few of those figures. Whatever it was, I feel I am now coming to accept the weight I am, and hopefully the weight I am going to be.

As of today, the 9th March 2009 I have lost 2 Stone 9 1/4lbs and I now weigh 14 stone 4 3/4's - still not a pretty weight at all, but much better than my starting weight that's for sure.

I aim to go away and be 13 stone something and come back and be 13 stone something, and then fight down to the 12 stone's and beyond.

My clothes are much looser than they ever have been, my skin is better than it ever has been, and I feel fitter than I ever have been. I cannot and will not give up now. I just want to get to goal, and I want to, for once in my life, set a goal, and ACHIEVE my goal.

I want to stand on the scales and actually see the figures that I have set myself!


  1. Hi there. Its Fatty_no_more off minimins. You are doing great! As far as it says on the boards you are in the 13s now so well done and as I said on the boards you an inspiration! KEEP IT UP!!!!!